DarkTree2.5/ API

The DarkTree 2.5 is really a developerís release.  The primary focus of 2.5 was to add plugin access to DarkTree and the ability to write your own DarkTree-based plugins.  In the interest of making DarkTree compatibility widespread, we are providing these APIs with very few restrictions and no licensing fees.

DarkTree Engine (DTE)
If you have your own proprietary renderer or an application that isnít currently supported, you can write your own DarkTree-based plugin using the DTE. The DTE provides all of the procedural texture power behind the Simbiont plugins.  You will also find the DarkTree Engine is great for shaders, textures, volumetrics, video fx, and image processing, so donít feel restricted to Simbiont-style plugins.

The DTE is free for both commercial and noncommercial use. You can download the DTE.  If you have any questions or wish to see the DTE License, please email august@darksim.com.

Custom Components
If you want to write your own procedural components, DarkTree now includes an easy-to-use API for the task. Any components you write will work with the Simbiont plugins and any other plugins written using the DTE.

You can download the Component API here.

Custom Output
The Output API allows you to customize DarkTreeís Bitmap Renderer. You can add custom UVW or geometry mappings, new file formats, or new anti-alias sampling schemes.

Please contact august@darksim.com for access to the Output API.