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DarkTree 2.5
Here you will find extra items and patches for DarkTree 2.x.

Item Version Size Download
DTE (Win 32-bit)
DarkTree Engine. Allows you to write your own Simbiont Plugins.
V 2.6.00 ( 12/30/08 ) 2.63 MB Download
DTE (Win 64-bit)
DarkTree Engine. 64-bit version.
V 2.6.00 ( 12/30/08 ) 2.93 MB Download
Component API
Create your own DT2.5 components.
V 2.5 ( 06/05/03 ) 58 KB Download
DST Renaming Utility
Renames DT1.0 .dst files to the new DT2 file extensions... .dsts, .dstc, .dstp, and .dstb.
V 2.0 ( 08/24/01 ) 8.0 MB Download

Third Party Component Plugins
These are third party plugins components you can use with DarkTree 2.5.

Item Download / Link
Cellular Texture Components
An implementation of Steve Worley's Cellular Texture Basis Functions (CTBF) coded by Marvin Landis. (Source code available.)